12in12: The Side Project Project

12 months, 12 side projects, what could go wrong?

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No, Not Again

You can relax, this isn’t the start of 52 weekly blog posts. For those who don’t know, last year I published a series of 12 articles chronicling my first ever experience as an UI Engineer intern at Allstate. Sharing my daily learnings and (many) mistakes was intended to help others in a similar boat but also proved an invaluable resource for myself. Enough that I would be crazy enough to attempt a similar project again and ramble about it here. Sorry not sorry.

Now university is out and it’s back to the daily grind, this time diving into UX Design at Puppet for placement year. So I got to thinking, what can I share this year? There’s heaps to learn but no one wants to read my work journal for a whole year (except maybe my poor tutors who may not have a choice when marking rolls around). But what if it wasn’t just about daily work life? An entire year of practical experience (mostly) free of coursework is a golden opportunity for experimenting in my own time. Thus a (likely overly ambitious) plan was born: try a new side project every month for a year.

The Format

Updates twice a month: once to introduce the new project and then again at the end of the month to reflect on the results, what went right (or failed spectacularly), and how what I learnt at work informed my design and vice versa.

The Goal

Portfolio landing page

This Month’s Project: Here Be (More) Monsters

My new portfolio is feeling less shiny now and in need of an overhaul but quite frankly that’s an operation that I only want to take on when I can devote the proper amount of attention. Instead, the goal this month is to polish up what’s there and add the section I’ve been meaning to since I built it: a blog. That’s right, now you’ll never be able to escape my ramblings.


Icing on the Cake (in the unlikely event I have time leftover):

Lessons Learnt So Far…

With only my first week on the job complete, I’m still getting started but already the lessons are worming their way into my process. A few that stuck out:

Now it’s back to work until September!

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