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Chronicles of an interaction design student turned UI engineering intern

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Good Times

The summer of my first year studying interaction design was a summer of firsts: first internship, first industry job, and not to mention the first time working with a whole suit of programs and tools in the UI Engineering team at Allstate. 12 weeks of particle colliders, SVG madness, and wrestling with React equipped me for not just the next year of university but work in the industry. All in all, a brilliant experience an opportunity to level up not just practical design and coding skills but also learn the process behind taking a product from concept to execution and all the entails.

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As a first year interaction design student entering a 12 week internship at Allstate NI without the faintest idea what they were getting themselves into, I chronicled the highs, lows, and epic fails to help others in a similar situation. The whole series is on Medium for your reading pleasure. My hope is you will find the tales of daily intern struggles enlightening or at the very least entertaining. To follow the story from the beginning:

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